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by October 24, 2020
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Directed By: Alisha | Produced By: HotHit Movies | Star Cast: Prashant, Akshita, Soniya ||| They have had a great time as a couple and are now on their way to get married. After having a wonderful time in bed, the bride-to-be heads out for some work. At the same time, the salesgirl comes in with a few dresses for her. The salesgirl and the groom get chatty. One thing led to another, and before they knew, they found each other wrapped around in bed. They never expected the experience to be so satiating and mind-blowing. Prashant as the groom-to-be. Produced by HotHit Digital. Soniya Maheshwari is the bride-to-be. Akshita as salesgirl. Make-up, costume, art direction, and creative by Alisha. Hair by Reshma Shaikh. Baba as Product head and A-D. Watch Monika on HotiHit today!
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by October 20, 2020
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Plan- HotHitMovies Genre:Drama,Romance Release year:2020 Running time:30.28 Director: Jeet Bhadouriya | Star Cast: Prashant, Vikas, Akshita | Putting in jealousy, everyone around them, this couple is perfectly happy and enjoying all the marital bliss so effortlessly. Little does anyone know of what lies beneath the surface. The wife wants the husband dead for a 200cr insurance policy while the husband is plotting to get the wife murdered for a 1300cr policy. The destiny beholds a different plan, though. We bring you a super gripping and dramatic story of betrayal, packed with a lot of sex, and so much more.
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by October 17, 2020
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Doodhwali-HotHitMovies Genre:Drama,Romance Release year:2020 Running time:28.25 Director: JEET BHADOURIYA | Artist: Vikas Sachdeva. Soniya Maheshwari ------- Synopsis: His wife was away. Dhoodhwali came and entered his house. They were alone. It was a wonderful romantic day. What happened next between them was inevitable. Their bodies became one, and the room became a witness of loud ‘holy’ moans.