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by December 29, 2020
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Devil Girl | Season 01 | Episode 01 | Flizmovies Name:DEVIL GIRL Season:1 Actors:Ayesha,Sana Khan Director:Rekha Mona Sarka Release :Dec-2020 Running time: Type:Web Series Language:Hindi Genres:Comedy A sweet but unlucky girl, just looking for happiness. The guys she dates are jerks, and she has a medical condition that leaves her six months to live. she meets. Devil Girl who proposes to grant her one wish. In return, the Succubus wants her soul and body... for eternity. A fun-filled parody of the film Bedazzled.
Fliz Movies
by September 27, 2020
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Playboy | Episode 02 | Season 01 | Nuefliks Name:PLAYBOY Season:1 Actors:Akshita,Vikas Director:Sandeep Patra, Dipankar Release :Sep-2020 Running time: Type:Web Series Language:Hindi Genres:Fantasy Playboy is collection of stories on Playboy theme